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Hi there…

Balenciaga dress (SS 2014)
My name is Eleni, I graduated  from high school in June 2014 and I’ve just started studying law in Vienna. I don’t think you’re looking at this blog because you’re curious about my studies. I suppose you’re looking at this blog because you have a certain interest in fashion. Therefore I want to start by telling you how I’m connected to fashion.
I love fashion. Well, I admit this statement sounds extremely mainstream and innocent, because most of us girls care about what we wear and what we would like to have in our closet. For me, however, fashion goes much further, fashion is art and I’m sure fashion has its own philosophy or to take it even a step further: fashion is philosophical art.
I grew up having a direct connection to Haut Couture fashion since my mother is almost only wearing clothes tailored for her. So, when I was a very young girl my mother used to take my sister and me to the studios where she gets her clothes tailored. I always enjoyed going there! My mother uses fabrics of highest quality, such as Valentino and Ungaro, Loro Piana, Schlaepfer, Candini. So I had realized at a very young age that fashion is something fundamental which is present everyday and everywhere.
When I look at fashion shows of famous designers I am fascinated by their great creativity and wonder where they are getting their inspiration from. They really always come up with new ideas. I think to do fashion all you need is going beyond reality.
I’ve mentioned right at the beginning of this post that I graduated from high school last summer. For my graduation ceremony I was wearing a dress that on the first sight might seem crazy to you. It’s not a dress to wear on the streets on a normal day, it’s a dress to care and love and remember forever. When I saw this dress on a picture of the Balenciaga Fashion Show SS 2014 I immediately knew I would love wearing this dress for my graduation. Some weeks before my graduation on a Saturday morning my father surprisingly took me to the shop and bought this dress for me.

I distinguish between clothes I can wear everyday and fashion pieces which are pieces of art. Everyday clothes must be comfortable but nevertheless these clothes must show my personality. In my opinion clothes constantly send out messages and make statements about the person who is wearing it. But fashion pieces must be chosen for a special event that will be remembered forever. Fashion pieces will be loved and handed down to the next generations. Even by assuming these pieces are in vogue at this very moment they remain timeless.

I love randomly sketching templates of figures and clothes which might stay a drawing but maybe turn into a fashion project. For example in autumn 2013 I made my own coat. Basically it had started with an idea in my head. I was convinced I should try it at least to sketch it. So that’s what I did. I wanted to give it another try to develop my idea onward, so I chose fabrics and started sewing. And in the end I actually finished my first self-made coat that is keeping me warm on cold winter days.


So, let’s stop talking about me and start with our blog…



Who am i?

So to start with my first post, I would like to quickly introduce myself. My name is Marion, i live in Zurich with my family and I am turning 19 in two weeks, which i am pretty excited about :D I could list a bunch of other facts about me, but firstly i would like to tell you why i have strated this blog..

I have always been curious about what is behind fashion and I have always had an interest in clothes, shoes, bags and all these things! When I was young I loved to see my mother dressing up and I enjoyed helping her picking the matching shoes for her dress! Whenever I saw her dressed up glamorous, I wished I was already old enough to dress up like this and wear high heels. So times passes and finally this moment had come when I got my very first high heels! I got them from our nanny and I was overwhelmed. A dream came true! They were beige-colored with colorful flowers. Well to be honest, they were not very beautiful from my point of view now, but in this very moment I could not have wished for any others. As we all know, walking in high heels is not easy… So I started walking with my new heels in our house which has a wooden floor and obviously I made a terrible noise. My family was annoyed by the silly noise but I did not care, I was on my own imaginary runway…

This is when my interest in fashion started and it has only  increased from that moment on..


This picture was taken in St.Tropez last summer. I chose this picture, because i wear my favourite dress. I bought it in a small boutique near the pier of St.Tropez :)