Stay Classy!

In some situations it’s just quicker to choose classy and timeless clothes since they are never wrong. So whenever I’m in a rush and can’t decide what I should wear, I pick classy items. Simply because it can’t be wrong and by no means of all in Vienna! I think Vienna is easily linked with classical music and if you are in Vienna you will soon realize a touch of an old-fashioned lifestyle – of course in a positive sense. Yes, I’m young and I love wearing fancy clothes to channel my crazy edge but on the other hand I stick to traditions and it’s safe to say that I have a prime and proper attitude to life.


coat: Valentino
shoes: Chanel
bag: Bottega Veneta


Garment District

My mom and I booked a guided tour through the garment district, also known as the “Fashion district” of New York.


Our guide was a 25 years old woman from Manhattan. She wore a yellow, long coat, which perfectly emphasised her figure. Like all americans, she welcomed us, like we’ve known eachother for our whole lifes. The tour lead us through 7 different artist’s workshops where we could buy all the designer clothes, which were designed for the upcoming season for prime costs!!!
I got several braclets and a cashmere Pullover for 100 USD. The mix was perfect, there was something for everyones taste. Scarfs, dresses, jewellery, fur jackets and more..



I find it interesting to get a look into the designers workplace, seeing their sketches and feel the atmosphere. I can totally recomment this tour for 60 USD, because otherwise you would never get the chance to see all those things.

We also stopped at one sample sale, where you could buy last seasons “leftover” clothes from the fashion shows. Me and my mom were lucky, because wearing a size 36 we were the only ones who fitted in these pieces…


Ah i just love this city…



New York New York

Yes, what a luck girl I am.. For my birthday, my parents suprised me with a plane ticket to NEW YORK! 4 days christmas shopping with my mother, i can’t believe it!

Arriving at the JFK international airport, a taxi brings us to the Ace Hotel. I was still freezing, because it was so cold on the plane, so always remember to bring a warm sweater on a long distance flight!

Our hotel is located 20 W 29th street, New York City, NY 1001,in a historic, turn-of-the-century building in Midtown Manhattan.





The atmosphere when you enter is like walking into coffee shop: Everyone treats you like a regular and the Doormen around the front of the hotel is giving you familiar “What’s up?”, which makes you feel like you’ve been here all your life. In the evening there are DJ’s playing and a lot of young people nipping on drinks. I like that it is not one of those formal places, where you have to Dress up super chic, just to have a morning coffee.



It’s easy to get to museums, shops, restaurants, theaters, parks, bars or wherever you may be going by foot, cab, bike, train or bus. It also has some of the best dining and shopping right in the building. “The breslin” has really tasty food, but i thought the restaurant was a bit too dark and the music too loud to have relaxed conversation. But i guess that is part of the concept ;-)

The Ace’s rooms are heavy on design, but not in any traditional hotel way. The effect is of some kind of cool and cozy college dorm room. There are slogans painted everywhere and there is even an ancient record player.


For ecological reasons, the shampoo, conditioner, and body wash are in large pump dispensers, but it’s high-quality stuff from co-owner Alex Calderwood’s Rudy’s Barbershop.



There is Free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel, even in the in-house gym.

I love the rustic furniture of the lobby, the furs on the couch and the plaid armchairs.


I can totally recommend this hotel to everyone who is tired of snobby, overbearing luxury Hotels. Who likes caviar anyways? ;-)


Sunny Ice Angels

At the age of six, my mother took me figure skating to the ice rink near our house. This was the day, when my other passion, figure skating, had started. I began with one or two lessons per week but rapidly had increased to almost 14 hours per week. Additionally I took ballet classes and strength Training was compulsory once or twice a week.  I continued with this amount until the age of 15, when I decided to practice ice dance with a partner. Unfortunately my partner got injured and I had to decide between moving to Russia in order to continue with a new Partner, or to let a guy from France fly in, who would have lived in our house… It was hard to make a choice, but I have decided to end this chapter of my life in good memories, so I quit professional ice dancing. 1479063_10202727937627882_1037255164_n

Last year my old coach put together a show group, which I joined with great pleasure. We choreograped a 30 min. performance and staged it once a week on a small ice field in Küsnacht.
The show was a great success and there were a few journalists who wrote about us in local newspapers. More and more spectators came to watch our winter show and we only received positive Feedback.


This year, the Sunny Ice Angels are back with a new show, called: “A man’s dream” composed of many group perfomances and some solos. I’m very proud of her that she is doing this for us. She knows how to put us into the most beneficial light by designing wonderful and eye-catching costumes. One of her most outstanding pieces is the dress for my solo Performance :)

The show takes place every Wednesday at 7.30pm at Hotel Sonne in Küsnacht! I would be very happy to see you there, I promise it’s worth to come. :)




Little Black Dress on a Casual Sunday


A little black dress is always a match or to quote Karl Lagerfeld: “One is never over or under dressed with a little black dress!”
Yesterday I was wearing my little black Dress from Balenciaga. It’s a simple and timeless dress, yet it has a chic and unique design.
Hence a little black dress isn’t just a little black dress. If you compare ten black dresses, each one will be unique and you will be more intrigued by one than by the others. However, it won’t matter which one you will go for because a black dress is always a match, doesn’t matter where you go, for what event you are dressing up and at what time of the day.



To complete my outfit for this cloudy and quite cold day I took my knitted peacoat from Burberry Britt.
I didn’t feel like wearing knitted tights but neither I wanted to start freezing, so in order to avoid getting cold legs I decided to wear knee socks over my tights. Wearing knee socks over 50den tights is the best way to keep your legs warm and at the same time you will surely have a self-confident and stylish appearence. To be honest I don’t know where I got my socks from, I randomly found them in my closet but you can buy socks like mine in almost every clothing store, for example at H&M. For tights of good quiality I strongly recommend shopping at Wolford, you won’t regret buying tights there. They might seem pricy at the very moment but because they last forever it’s not a waste of money.
To give my outfit a neatly glance I took my formal Lanvin loafers. I’m sure you agree with my point of view that loafers genuinely are the right choice for cool girls on the go. Due to their androgyny and timeless style they make every girl look classy and smart. My Lanvin loafers are made out of Italian black patent leather that together with the small glitter stones on the heel and the shiny satin lace add an elegant and feminine statement to my outfit.
As always in Vienna it was quite windy, if you have been to Vienna you will know what I’m talking about, therefore a scarf was indispensable. This scarf is from Zara and to be honest I love scaves from Zara, they are always large, cuddly and on top of that these scarves definitly have a nonchalant touch.


As you probably know I’ve had a weakness for handbags since I’m a little girl. I’ve been coming to the point where it’s safe to say:  “I’m collecting handbags”. Despite having many bags I love each of my bags to bits. I got this one which you can see in the pictures in July when I spent about two weeks in New York together with my mother. We bought it at Barneys. I recommend Barneys to all of you if you go to New York.


dress: Balenciaga
peacoat: Burberry Britt
shoes: Lanvin
scarf: Zara
bag: Givenchy


Street Style Fall 2014

 coyote fur-vest: Miu Miu
sweater: Isabel Marant
silk-top: Balenciaga
leggings: American Apparel
ankle boots: Saint Laurent
bag: Céline
watch: Ebel
necklace: Tiffany&Co.





I’m pretty sure those of you who know me are aware how much I love my pink fur vest! I could wear it every single day, seriously! I spontaneously bought it in St. Moritz two years ago and it’s clearly one of the very best things I’ve ever had! In general fur vests are versatile and can be worn with every outfit, and the great advantage is they really keep one warm without giving the feeling of being restricted in moving your arms.  Fur vests are always listed as best sellers, and slowly the trend of faux fur items is growing. I’ve noticed that this season even in high fashion faux fur is largely available.





You probably might have realized that oversized sweaters are a must-have this season! Isabel Marant or as well the more casual line Isabel Marant Étoile is having soft and comfortable wool-blend sweaters which turn laid-back looks into casual luxe.
For the last weeks I’ve been wearing oversized jumpers almost daily, usually I combine it with basic black cotton leggings, but also leather pants or ripped skinny jeans are impeccable choices for a neatly way of dressing.




For a couple of years layered outfits have been essential in street fashion. Especially in autumn layering is a sure way to spend a whole day outside but neither getting too warm nor start freezing and meanwhile attiring chic. One of my favorite tops hanging in my closet is this nude Balenciaga silk top. When I’m wearing a sweater over this luxury quality top it doesn’t show its inventive flattering design. However, it really does have a special design, and so it comes exactly at the right place if we are talking about stylish layers anyway, because this top itself is layered.


Do you know what’s the key to turn an inconspicuous outfit into impressive and captivating? I tell you: shoes! Think about it: whatever you wear, shoes will make a change in your whole look. Even if you are simply wearing jeans with a basic white cotton t-shirt but you put on the right shoes, suddenly your outfit is ready for the runway! Shoes are your portable floor, they carry you and always keep you grounded! If you want to look classy take black ballet-flats, if you want to look young and sporty wear sneakers etc.
Keep in mind: shoes are making statements about you.

These shoes are my latest bought ones! I had looked for them for such a long time, but I had never found them in my size, not even in Paris. But I didn’t give up and like two weeks ago by chance I saw them in the Saint Laurent store here in Vienna, obviously I didn’t think twice about it, I just bought them and yes, I’m so happy I finally own them! Due to the noticeable silver studded details they lift a casual-urban look to a youthful rock’ n’ roll, yet luxe and decent, outfit. Small but still remarkable rock’ n’ roll details are always great to channel your young and crazy edge.

Last but not least: a Céline bag is always a match!





Enjoy the following autumn days… oh, and don’t forget Christmas is coming soon, so it’s time to write your wish list…


Hi there

Hi there…

Balenciaga dress (SS 2014)
My name is Helen, I graduated  from high school in June 2014 and I’ve just started studying law in Vienna. I don’t think you’re looking at this blog because you’re curious about my studies. I suppose you’re looking at this blog because you have a certain interest in fashion. Therefore I want to start by telling you how I’m connected to fashion.
I love fashion. Well, I admit this statement sounds extremely mainstream and innocent, because most of us girls care about what we wear and what we would like to have in our closet. For me, however, fashion goes much further, fashion is art and I’m sure fashion has its own philosophy or to take it even a step further: fashion is philosophical art.
I grew up having a direct connection to Haut Couture fashion since my mother is almost only wearing clothes tailored for her. So, when I was a very young girl my mother used to take my sister and me to the studios where she gets her clothes tailored. I always enjoyed going there! My mother uses fabrics of highest quality, such as Valentino and Ungaro, Loro Piana, Schlaepfer, Candini. So I had realized at a very young age that fashion is something fundamental which is present everyday and everywhere.
When I look at fashion shows of famous designers I am fascinated by their great creativity and wonder where they are getting their inspiration from. They really always come up with new ideas. I think to do fashion all you need is going beyond reality.
I’ve mentioned right at the beginning of this post that I graduated from high school last summer. For my graduation ceremony I was wearing a dress that on the first sight might seem crazy to you. It’s not a dress to wear on the streets on a normal day, it’s a dress to care and love and remember forever. When I saw this dress on a picture of the Balenciaga Fashion Show SS 2014 I immediately knew I would love wearing this dress for my graduation. Some weeks before my graduation on a Saturday morning my father surprisingly took me to the shop and bought this dress for me.

I distinguish between clothes I can wear everyday and fashion pieces which are pieces of art. Everyday clothes must be comfortable but nevertheless these clothes must show my personality. In my opinion clothes constantly send out messages and make statements about the person who is wearing it. But fashion pieces must be chosen for a special event that will be remembered forever. Fashion pieces will be loved and handed down to the next generations. Even by assuming these pieces are in vogue at this very moment they remain timeless.

I love randomly sketching templates of figures and clothes which might stay a drawing but maybe turn into a fashion project. For example in autumn 2013 I made my own coat. Basically it had started with an idea in my head. I was convinced I should try it at least to sketch it. So that’s what I did. I wanted to give it another try to develop my idea onward, so I chose fabrics and started sewing. And in the end I actually finished my first self-made coat that is keeping me warm on cold winter days.


So, let’s stop talking about me and start with our blog…



Who am i?

So to start with my first post, I would like to quickly introduce myself. My name is Marion, i live in Zurich with my family and I am turning 19 in two weeks, which i am pretty excited about :D I could list a bunch of other facts about me, but firstly i would like to tell you why i have strated this blog..

I have always been curious about what is behind fashion and I have always had an interest in clothes, shoes, bags and all these things! When I was young I loved to see my mother dressing up and I enjoyed helping her picking the matching shoes for her dress! Whenever I saw her dressed up glamorous, I wished I was already old enough to dress up like this and wear high heels. So times passes and finally this moment had come when I got my very first high heels! I got them from our nanny and I was overwhelmed. A dream came true! They were beige-colored with colorful flowers. Well to be honest, they were not very beautiful from my point of view now, but in this very moment I could not have wished for any others. As we all know, walking in high heels is not easy… So I started walking with my new heels in our house which has a wooden floor and obviously I made a terrible noise. My family was annoyed by the silly noise but I did not care, I was on my own imaginary runway…

This is when my interest in fashion started and it has only  increased from that moment on..


This picture was taken in St.Tropez last summer. I chose this picture, because i wear my favourite dress. I bought it in a small boutique near the pier of St.Tropez :)